Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"That ain't no etch-a-sketch. That's one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet."

I loved "Bella," the sweet, spicy, much-touted film about life, love and Latino culture, but "Juno" -- the next unplanned-pregnancy film -- while different, sounds like a lot of good old-fashioned indie comedy fun. It opens on Christmas Day, so your Practical Pro-Life Action for next week is to go see it. Need help making up your mind to drop the $10? Read Jill Stanek's concise review. She is pleased, and is pretty sure you will be too.

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Cookie said...

I finally just got around to seeing Juno and have to tell you ... I LOVED IT!
From the first line of the movie to the closing kiss, I had a knee-slapping good ole belly rolling good time.
What I loved (even more than all of the one liners that were perfectly delivered and executed) was the fact that there IS an alternative to teen pregnancy other than abortion - and there can be a happily ever after for all concerned!
Love your blog - homeskillet!